David Budtz Pedersen

David Budtz Pedersen is Professor of Science Communication and Impact Studies and Director of the Humanomics Research Centre in Copenhagen, Denmark. His research focuses on science and innovation studies, research management and impact assessment. He frequently acts as speaker and policy adviser to international governments and funding agencies. He holds PhD, MA and BA degrees in philosophy of science and science policy studies from University of Copenhagen and University of Vienna. He is a former Visiting Scholar at the Department of Philosophy, New York University. Alongside his research, David has an international public presence with outreach activities in science policy, speaking frequently on the topics of Open Science, Research Impact and Evidence-Informed Policy-Making. David Budtz has about 150 entries on his list of publications ranging from research papers, research monographs, edited volumes, policy reports, op-ed columns and newspaper articles. He is the Chair of the EU COST High-Level Expert Group on Science Communication. In 2020, he was appointed Knowledge Broker and Science Adviser on Algorithms, Data and Democracy by the Villum & Velux Foundations.